Free websites for UK Men's Sheds

As an avid shed member and a keen amateur web developer, I am offering Men's Sheds based in the UK a free, fully functional, dynamic website that you can maintain youirself. All you need to pay for is the domain name (e.g. for approximately £10.00 per annum and hosting charges of approximately £5.00 per month.


See some of these features here.
  • User control, nominated site editors log in to the administration backend to manage content, upload media etc.
  • Fully customisable front page incuding introduction, address, opening hours, Google map with directions,contact numbers etc.
  • Different content types to suit your needs, For example 'Activities', 'Projects', 'News'. Any content type can be created.
  • Site visitors can comment on pages, search for content, leave contact form messages.
  • Social media links, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram - whatever you need.
  • PayPal button - Make it easy for anybody to pay you or donate.
  • Email accounts, each user can have his own domain-based email account. (e.g. '', or '')

Optional features

These features are optional but still free.
  • User control, as well as site editors, shed members can log in to view internal documentation but not edit anything. (see below)
  • Internal pages - You can create any sort of private content like meeting minutes, financial statements, member details etc.
  • Internal documents - You can upload PDF files and store them for viewing by Shed members. Files can be categorised by file type (e.g. Workshop manuals, woodworking plans, Financial documents, Administration documents etc.).
  • Internal forms - you can keep all your forms online and members can log in to fill in forms. Form completion data is maintained on the site but can also be downloaded.

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